Why NOICE? - It’s a matter of Taste!

Clement Hochart @ 2022-02-14 16:06:31 +0000

First of all, NOICE would not be what it is today without the amazing work and support from: Morgane, Natalie, Laura, J., Kwan, Max, Val, Adam, Charlotte, Elodie, Nathalie, Orsolya, Nicole and Natalia. Thanks to you all for making this possible!

Now we can come back  to when it all started - my curiosity for wine - how the taste can be so complex and how it combines so many parameters that we, the winemakers, don’t completely control. It is both a sensory art form and an interesting business field.

Studying wine was a fun yet demanding experience! - You need a certain degree of stamina to taste It was a fun experience tasting over 300 wines in 3 months from 10am in the morning to 6pm in a classroom environment! The qualification was worth it, enabling me to host tasting events and develop my first startup business.

During 5 years in the wine industry, much experience was gained as well as the enjoyment of sampling outstanding wines - yet with one, persistent frustration - I never wanted to brush my teeth at night (Yes, like a kid!) The overpowering menthol and chemical taste of regular toothpaste completely erases olfactory taste memories. My palate was being cauterized.

Don’t get me wrong I still wanted a clean mouth; it is the base of wine tasting, as you need a clean palette to taste wine correctly. Wine can be quite destructive to your mouth’s microbial health, so it is important to provide adequate treatment for your gums and mouth. I couldn’t be the only one in the world to endure this frustration with regular toothpaste? Something needed to be done about it!

I started researching toothpaste. My aims were to find a solution that would clean properly; treat your gums and mouth; but not erase all your taste buds memories with a strong chemical overload. I employed a team of dentists and drew inspiration from my life living in India and Asia. What we discovered was a truly global combinationation of taste and medicinal- dental properties from natural sources.

  • I included Anise inspired by the Indian culture of chewing Anise seeds as breath freshener after each meal. Not only does Anise refresh your mouth; it also helps to clean it and aids digestion.

  • Liquorice was added from the Thai and Myanmar culture of chewing Liquorice roots instead of toothpaste. Further research led me to discover a Californian study on cavity prevention in children who ate liquorice candies!

  • Eucalyptus and Peppermint have been included for their refreshing, smooth sensations. 

  • The delicate combination of ingredients was complimented by the singular discovery of Sage as part of a dental formula. It happened  in Laos, travelling on my motorbike on a dirt road through the tropical jungles.A small projectile hit my face, and I found myself on the ground, with my cheek split open; and blood pumping out. Fortunately a doctor happened to arrive on the scene fairly quickly. He assessed my injuries, and then told me to wait 5 minutes, with which he then dashed off into the thick canopied jungle, returning a few minutes later with a bundle of sage leaves. Rather unceremoniously he squashed them into a paste and applied them to my cheek, asking me to hold them firmly in place once he had finished. The amazing cocktail helped me heal faster and remarkably left no scars. After some research I found that Sage essential oil is a powerful extract used in healing mouth lacerations and scarring. So I added it in the formula!

  • Camomille came later when we decided to make the formula vegan. We replaced the sweet taste of Manuka Honey with Chamomile to soften the taste and sooth the palate.

The last challenge has been to find the right balance between all the ingredients to get a good taste. Similar to wine, it is all about timing the taste sensations. - A bit like looking at a painted masterpiece - you don’t get the whole thing in one go - it is a voyage of discovery.

Part of the balance is the foaming element. It proved to be a demanding challenge for my team of experts who were briefed to discover a great foaming agent which didn’t have harmful, taste destroying chemicals. I am glad we got there in the end, discovering Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate. Whilst still a chemical, it is harmless and efficient. 

Working with a team of experts in the field (and dare I say perfectionists!) who are motivated to deliver excellence in creating the perfect dental formula for you, we have not been satisfied with just being 98.2% Natural and Organic! We continue to set ourselves new and even greater challenges- The first, to be 100% Natural and Organic. As you read this we are testing new natural foaming agents, exploring further and perfecting our formula to realise that 100% natural and organic taste. Alongside this we strive to provide natural goodness in our NOICE Dental Gel inspired from a rich tapestry of cultural taste and medicinal knowledge from around the world.