The Ultimate Sustainable Gift Guide.

Morgane Soret @ 2022-02-23 15:20:05 +0000

NOICE’s Favorite Things: Christmas Edition

This Holiday season, keep things jolly and save yourself the stress of researching ideal eco-friendly gifts for every..single...person… on that list this year. Look at our ultimate sustainable gift guide! 

We’ve taken the time to create a few options within the following categories: Experiences, Thrifts, Something to Last Forever, Something Useful, and of course, DIY Items! 

So, grab a swiss apple strudel and kick up your feet while we take you through a list of our favorite planet friendly gifts.


Gift an Experience

At NOICE we prefer gifting experiences over new stuff! With experiences you get to offer much more than just stuff, you offer memories! And memories are forever.

Cocktail or Cooking Class

For the foodie in your life, give a virtual Cocktail or Cooking Class! It’s easy to purchase a gift certificate through Skill Share, so that your hungry recipient can choose the best class that suits their specific dietary lifestyle.


For the adventurous spirit, give the gift or Travel! Home sharing platforms like AirBnB make it almost too easy to set up an exciting trip for your cousin who is always posting the most insane travel photos!

Concert Ticket

Know someone who just won’t put the headphones away? A Concert Ticket is likely to give them all the holiday spirit they could wish for! You can choose through genres or even browse their favorite artist on platforms like Ticket Master. This is a gift that will give them an experience they will likely never forget!








Gift A Thrift

What about offering a gift with a story! While secondhand items are often less expensive, they are often of higher quality. It's also a good sign if they are durable enough to last for several years before being donated. The longer they last, the less waste they generate.. And that is a perfect sustainable & eco-friendly gift for this festive season.

Shop these great options for Clothing, Shoes, and Accessories!

US - Thrifted or Poshmark

UK - Thrift + or Re:Collection Store

Also check the Depop & Vinted account of NOICE brushers community (focus UK)

The Thrifty Sisters

Thrifty Finnie

And independent vintage shops

Atelier Archive Vintage

Toilet Vintage

Lilac Rose Vintage








Gift To Last Forever

What is a more eco-friendly gift that one that does not become waste? :) Everything is in the tittle.

A Tree or other Plant

 The Sill has something special for you! You've probably been told that plants are a bad gift because they die easily - unless you go with an easy-to-care for plant, of course! Opt to make someone's world, quite literally, more green with the beautiful, classic Philodendron from The Sill.

Bloomscape is also a great choice! You can find the beautiful, classic Philodendron from Bloomscape. Additionally, Bloomscape is offering $10 off your first plant!


A forest tree planting project

Looking for a special, unconventional gift for that eco-conscious friend? Consider gifting a tree. One Tree Planted offers the option to gift a tree to others.

Small nonprofits often face challenges in raising funds to carry out their mission. Consider supporting a small tree planting project and gifting a tree to an organization like Forest ReLeaf of Missouri, which has been in operation for over 25 years.

Reusable bottle

Help your friend ditch the plastic water bottles with a no-frills, truly sustainable option. Meet this sleek, stainless steel Kleen Kanteen, which has a bamboo cap and a handle that makes it convenient to carry on the go or toss on the side of a backpack!

Reusable cutlery

This complete bamboo cutlery set contains powerful mantras and comes in a neat pouch to carry on the go. Bonus: you'll also be supporting a group of women entrepreneurs and creatives!

Living Composter

If your friend is brave enough to handle worms, looking to reduce the number of trips they take to the trash bin, and loves to garden, then consider gifting them a living composter. These products help break food scraps down into soil with high nutrients. While on the pricier side, the Biovessel Living Composter is one of the higher quality and most aesthetically pleasing options on the market. With its sleek design and self-contained ecosystem, it requires minimal handling and work by the user.

Cork Yoga Mat

Yes, even your yoga mat may not be all that sustainable. While we can't always avoid plastic and rubber, we can definitely get a yoga mat that is free of either material.

Gift your eco-conscious, flexible friend the ultimate sustainable yoga mat. The Gurus 100% Plant Based Yoga Mat is one of the highest rated mat and guaranteed to be sweat-proof. (There's even an option to plant a tree at checkout!)









Gift Something Useful


NOICE, of course! Our toothpaste is ideal for the person in your life who wants to start their day with a sustainable smile! It’s charcoal, vegan, cruelty free, made with organic ingredients! Consider purchasing a starter pack for the potential brusher in your life!


Discover Little Danube for their bubble soaps! They are inspired by the bright and mysterious language of colors, and the enigmatic scents of the natural earth. “100% vegan and natural, 200% fun.”

Kitchen Care

If you are in the US The Sqwish starter set is the ultimate sustainable kitchen starter pack for that friend who's obsessed with keeping their kitchen clean and who doesn’t hate those stinky old sponges that end up getting thrown out? It’s 2021! Time to ditch those planet unfriendly stink bombs.

In the UK, look out for Seep, Gorgeous, 100% compostable and plastic-free cleaning tools. Time to ditch ugly, plastic cleaning products for good.








Gift Something DIY

There is a great guide on sustainably creating your own jewelry for friends and family on Wonderfuldiy! Their easy-to-understand guide is truly inspiring!

Make Your Own Candles:Green Matters has a fantastic guide on how to make your very own beeswax candle. It’s a great way to incorporate your favorite essential oil scents into your life and the homes of others.

Herb Growing Kit: This Culinary Herb Growing Kit contains 5 different types of USDA Organic Certified herbs for one to enjoy in their own kitchen. Their packaging is sustainable, eco-friendly, and even plastic-free!

The important thing to remember is that the greatest sustainable & eco-friendly gift you can give this year is the gift of your support and friendship. So, our ultimate advice is to be thoughtful, be responsible, and write your loved ones a sincere card that expresses all that they mean to you.