Plastic free July: are you picking up with this trend?!

Morgane Soret @ 2022-02-22 14:17:06 +0000

I have to admit, I am not a big fan of those kinds of new eco-friendly events: “Plastic-free July”, “Veganuary” or  “Earth day” etc… WHY? Because I feel that those topics deserve more than a day or a month of attention and that should be a priority in the media & brand space all year long. This being said, let’s not “Spit in the Soup” as we say in French. Those events are needed! Indeed, it brings such attention to sustainability and toward a more conscious lifestyle, which is GREAT. 

At the end of the day, media, brands, blogs, and consumers will jump on this trend. More people jumping on this sustainability trend means more sustainable behaviours across the world. Which means a positive impact, which also means that at some point, this trend will become the norm and this is what we believe in at NOICE. Sustainability is the norm, so if we need to jump on the trend before making it the norm, let’s play this game. 

A long introduction to actually wish everyone a great plastic free July. It is the occasion for our team to share more of their personal journey toward a more sustainable lifestyle. Small changes, big changes, it doesn’t matter. What matters is action and being aware. Hoping that the below experiences will inspire you! And remember to Keep Brushing ;) 


CEO & Co-founder NOICE



No Single Use Plastic with Ashley -  Head of eCommerce @NOICE

I recently bought natural tote bags for shopping to replace plastic shopping bags. I've also been more critical with buying products, and looking for drink bottles made from recycled glass.



Clean ingredients in a clean packaging with Nicole - Community Manager @NOICE

Ever since I started at NOICE, I began looking for products like lotion and body wash with aluminum packaging instead of plastic. I also use the Think Dirty app religiously to look for products with clean ingredients!



Re-use, re-re-use & re-re-re-use with Natalia - Operation & Research Manager @NOICE

My roommate and I use metal + bamboo straws at home and at cafes! I also always carry an extra cotton tote in my bag in case I end up shopping while running errands.



Zero-Waste Shaving with Clement -  Sales Director & Co-founder @NOICE

I switched from single use to reusable razors with stainless steel blades. I've also ditched plastic shampoo bottles for an oat & honey soap bar! Using for hair & shaving. 



DIY laundry detergent with Morgane - CEO & Co-founder @NOICE

I've switched to homemade laundry detergent. Why? To get rid of the plastic packaging but also to be able to control 100% the ingredients as well as the smell of it (not too strong, not too light, just the right amount for my laundry to smell fresh & clean). Let me share the recipe with you super easy! I buy all the separated ingredients at my local bulk shop bringing my own glass containers. 



1.4 oz/40g of shredded Marseille soap

3 dessert spoons of baking soda

3 drops of eucalyptus essential oil

1L of water



  1. Boil the water, once hot remove from the fire & add the shredded Marseille soap 

  2. Mix slightly so that the soap melt into the water

  3. Let it cool down, and once less warm add the baking soda & the essential oils

  4. Mix again and drop into a glass bottle

  5. TADAM your laundry detergent is ready! Smells super fresh, clean & smooth for your skin. Of course you can choose the essential oil you prefer for the smell. 

And you, what swap did you make? Let us know in the content section 👇