Loosen the tongues

Clement Hochart @ 2022-02-14 16:12:52 +0000

The night is young, the champagne plentiful, and the company inspiring - really vibey, amazing friendly people - all movers and shakers in the sustainability, fashion for good, and zero waste industry. They chatter away, and it all sounds pretty cool - then someone asks what I do - Uh Oh - you know that spotlight moment when there is a bit of a lull and then people look at the person whose been asked a question - I start,apprehensively at first, about how NOICE is a natural, organic formula for oral care. The partygoers nod. I continue to give a little more detail. - It’s vegan, zero-waste; and for me it becomes a fantastic moment, because for the last few years we have been so wrapped up in the actual process that this is the first time I feel we can appreciate that what we are doing will make a real difference to people’s lives and to our planet. Even though I know there is a long road ahead, there is a clear path and destination.

Then someone asks me if he can try the toothpaste right now, but quickly follows up by suggesting it will affect the taste of his beer, so maybe later. 

“You will be surprised,- just try it!” I urge, handing him a bottle and knowing full well that our research and development have gone into creating a formula that does not alter the taste of your food, orange juice, coffee or even beer.

 The partygoer disappears off to the bathroom and emerges a couple of minutes later with a pearly grin and a wink, casually joins me and slugs back a mouthful of beer, fully expecting some sort of nasty taste experience and…. nothing… the eyes widen, the mouth gapes and then I wonder if perhaps I can employ him somewhere in the NOICE salesforce team as he takes to the floor commanding attention with his taste sensation revelations - finally he can go on a date with a clean mouth and have a drink or two without this affecting the taste of his beer, wine or cocktail. This is about to totally change his social life forever. (It will no doubt improve his oral care regime too!) 

 I sit quietly and think of all those times I was tearing my hair out at things not being quite perfect, and realise being a bit of  perfectionist is not all  waste of time; it has its uses too.

 The partygoer’s revelations initiates a whole new discussion on our oral hygeine habits, and how not to get our food or drink affected by toothpaste. It loosens the tongues of the upmarket revellers as they reveal their oral care secrets:

  • “Sometimes I prefer not to brush my teeth before a date because I know I will be invited to a super cocktail bar and I don’t want it to affect my cocktail.”

  • “When I wake up there is always a question whether I brush my teeth or enjoy my coffee first, the conclusion is always coffee first but it is annoying that I have to ask myself every time.”

  • “For me brushing my teeth is the last thing I do before going to work.”

  • “Oh for me it is the first thing I do, I am not actually really awake before I brush them.”

  • “Sometimes when I have an amazing dinner with excellent food and wine I am sad to have to replace that taste with something acrid and almost vile, just to ensure my teeth are healthy.” 

The evening continues and finally the partygoers head home, some with prospective dates, and others just headaches - for me though, I dance my way home realising that the years, the determination and all the investment in creating a Dental Gel formula for brushing your teeth, without it affecting your taste buds afterwards, is worth every penny, every ounce of effort and every drop of time.