I stopped brushing my teeth…

Morgane Soret @ 2022-02-23 11:05:43 +0000

…with regular toothpaste in plastic tubes.

In the past 5 years, two things become very important for me (1) To use better products, natural because I don’t need all those synthetical chemicals in my body (2) Zero-waste shopping, because I want to leave a positive footprint on this planet. So I started to look for natural & zero-waste products, this was in 2016. 

At first, I thought the world pollution & waste issue was because of plastic. So I started plastic-free shopping. After a while, I realised that the issue was not the plastic by itself, I mean it is, but the real issue we need to solve is single use

Nothing in nature is linear. Only the human way of consuming is linear. This is why missed it in 2009, oldy but goody video about The Story of Stuff.


In 2016, I was living in Singapore and I decided to transition toward natural & zero-waste shopping.

I started with groceries and personal care. Let me tell you something, zero-waste shopping is not easy, It requires a lot of organisation! You need to always carry around your tote bags & jars. It is heavy. If you forget your packing items you feel guilty! If you are not going to a zero-waste shop, people do not understand why you say “no” to plastic bags … so many challenges we need to overcome! But this is not the story I wanted to share today. Today I wanted to share my journey to find the best natural & zero-waste toothpaste. Because finding a good natural & zero-waste toothpaste is not easy and it took me about 5 years! No jokes!


Trial #1 - First, trying to make my own DIY toothpaste 

Like thousands of people in the quest for the best natural & zero-waste toothpaste, I first opened Google and typed in “DIY Zero Waste toothpaste recipe” & “How to make my own toothpaste”. After trying a couple of recipes, the one that was ok for me was this one, from Lauren Trash is for Tosser YouTube Channel. 


  • 2 tbsp organic coconut oil

  • 1 tbsp baking soda 

  • 15-20 drops peppermint essential oil (or other flavour you prefer) 


Simply mix all of the ingredients with a spoon and Tadam! You have your own homemade natural toothpaste. 

As simple as it is, I was not satisfied because of the different items I needed to purchase for the recipe. The essential oils come in their packaging often with a plastic cap, the baking soda and the coconut oil also comes in their own packaging. So at the end I had 3 packages + my toothpaste jar. I was not convinced I was really reducing my waste by mixing my own toothpaste. 


Trial #2 Next. Buying already mixed tooth powder 

And right at this time, a local zero-waste shop had opened close to my office (High Five to Unpackt Singapore!) and they stocked a natural & zero-waste powder toothpaste - so I decided to give it a try!


And as much as I want to say thank you to the shop owner & the tooth powder maker for making it available, I have to be honest, I did not like brushing with it. Powder toothpaste does not taste fresh, your teeth do not feel clean afterwards & it is a mess to put on your toothbrush. 

I still kept on using it for a few months. I was so into zero-waste that I was ready to compromise on the experience. But my partner would refuse to use it. He kept on buying plastic toothpaste tubes…


Trial #3 - Moving on to Solid toothpaste 

(disclaimer: I am French & sorry for the potential language glitches ;) ) 

Solid toothpaste

After a short trip back to France, I found a solid toothpaste. Tired of my powder toothpaste, I was excited to try it out. It came in an aluminium box, was fully natural and the shop owner told me it was foaming + tasting fresh. I was going on a camping trip with my family and it was super important for me to use a natural toothpaste especially during this trip so I know it would not pollute the beautiful places I was going to camp in. After months and months of not-tasting-fresh powder toothpaste, this solid mint flavoured solide toothpaste was G-R-E-A-T! It was a little foamy and tasted a bit fresher than the powder one. It totally made my trip! 

However it was still not perfect, the after taste was very soap-like. Very weird to describe but it would leave a soapy taste in my mouth. Plus, to use this toothpaste I had, each time, to rub my toothbrush onto the paste days after days. It did not feel vert hygienic, especially when you know that bacterias grow quicker in water. 

Trial #4 - Finally! Testing tabs toothpaste

After testing DIY toothpaste, toothpaste powder, solid toothpaste, honestly my partners was tired of being a cobaye in my quest for a natural & zero-waste toothpaste. I really thought that the tabs toothpaste option was going to be right one!

Tabs toothpaste started to be a thing! I had seen some brands in the US mostly and it finally arrived in Singapore where I was still living. Back at my local zero-waste shop I bought some.


I have to say, tabs were the best from all the other options, that I tested. It was natural, it was foamy and the taste was ok-fresh. It was easy to carry and to use. The only thing is that it felt weird to bite into it, it felt like I was taking medicine or eating a candy. And what I really did not like was that it would leave some littles pieces & bites here and there in some of my teeth if I did not chew it properly. So after brushing I would feel as if I had still some food in my mouth, sorry it is gross.


Final #Choice - NOICE Dental Gel

I was not able to find the right natural & zero-waste alternative of toothpaste that would fit my taste, expectations and needs. And I am not talking about my partner that did not wanted to hear anymore about another test! It is at this exact time that I met with Clement. We met in Singapore via common friends passionated about sustainability matters. Over the conversation Clement explained how he was working with dentists to formulate a toothpaste that is natural, yet efficient, and that is tasting truly good. True story guys!

So he gave a me sample of the formula and back home we brushed with it and my partner L-O-V-E-D it:

  • The texture: NOICE natural charcoal toothpaste is a gel, so very close to the regular toothpaste. After testing out all kind of toothpaste, I have to admit gel/paste is still my favourite.

  • The taste: It is a special taste, definitely fresh, that we actually like! The NOICE taste, made us realised that I was used to regular toothpaste taste but I did not actually enjoyed it. Whereas with NOICE you actually look forward to brushing!

  • The efficacy: So to the question is natural toothpaste as effective as regular toothpaste, the answer is yes. And with NOICE you can really feel it. After brushing your teeth feels super clean.


This was for me the click. I joined Clement and the NOICE team on the mission to clean up the planet & all the teeth in it :)

Bottom line is that you can’t stop brushing your teeth to avoid toothpaste plastic tubes, but you can start brushing with NOICE natural charcoal toothpaste. Oui oui :)