How to boost my positive impact? Step3: TAKE ACTIONS - at work

Morgane Soret @ 2022-02-23 16:19:09 +0000

As a classical week work it 5 days, here is the TOP 5 on How to Boost My Positive Impact at Work.

Solution #1 - Solving the E-Waste Problem

It is estimated that 306.4 billion e-mails have been sent and received each day in 2020. Choking numbers right? But we can have an impact following by:

  • Unsubscribing to unwanted newsletters. You can do it manually or use a tool like CleanFox.

  • Remove pictures & logos from your email signature. Minimalist & straight to the point is the new 2022 business way to go!

  • Propose to your company to transition to a green 2mail provider. Here is a rankin of the best Green email providers


Solution #2 - Screw New as they said at Backmarket

“Computer and smartphone factories are huge guzzlers of gold, silver and many types of metals and rare earths. The extraction of these minerals, which are essential for the production of the components of our devices, has a sizable impact on the environment and ecosystems, not to mention the often-horrendous human conditions in which mines are operated. Producing a computer or a telephone—from the manufacture of its components to the time it leaves the factory - has a huge impact on the environment. But the end-of-life disposal of these devices also poses a major problem. We hear more and more about the issue of waste electrical and electronic equipment, and the difficulty of collecting and recycling it. With good reason too! With more than 50 million tonnes produced in 2019 (representing more than 6 tonnes of e-waste produced per hour), our old tech equipment is a major source of waste worldwide. This trend is also unfortunately exponential: meaning we should reach 74 million tons in 2030. Only 17.4% of this waste is properly collected and recycled, the rest is burnt or dumped in landfills. ” Ok it is bad, but there is a solution!

You can convinced your company to power the team with only refurbished devices! Imagine the positive impact is at our own level, personally & professionally we push toward pre-loved IT tech devices? It can be done easily & safely with a partner like BackMarket for instance.


Solution #3 - Plastic-free pantry

The average office worker drinks about 1,000 cups of coffee annually. No, we will not recommend for you to stop coffee. I mean we could not!

However you can propose to your company to instaure a plastic-free pantry policy. Investing in reusable mugs & a dishwasher which will help the company make saving on the long terms as well as drastically boost the positive impact of all your colleagues. It is also something they can brag about! And you can lead this project internally.

First things first is to do an inventory of all the single-use plastic items found in your workplace’s pantry (cutlery, plastic plates, bowls and cups, bin bags, biscuit packets, teabags, and water bottles etc…). Choose one, only one to start with and offer an alternative - ideally this alternative would be plastic-free & single use free - avoid single use wood replacement for instance. Starting by one is important, as it creates focus and help you get your superior and co-workers used to one change first. And once this first change is adopted, take the second item. One by One, the items can be replaced by reusable. washable, sustainable alternatives. You are on a mission right? :)


Solution #4 - Vegan Fridays

We have all be there right? Where do we have lunch today? No, not this same place agaiiiiiin!

Why don’t you organise a contest between your co-workers. Every Friday, one has to suggest a vegan place for lunch to test out. You then vote to select the best Vegan Place of the month. Fun, easy & your discover new cuisines. Find the best spots on the HappyCow.

If you have an in-house catering you can ask to have a vegan only day to be added to the calendar.


Solution #5 - Notworking Event

Lastly, you can organise a NotWorking event with your colleagues. This is a unique and fun opportunity to screen one of your favourite documentaries about climate change. To share your fears & open the collective discussion on how can we as a workplace act to make it better?

So what do you think? Did you book a date yet for the NotWorking event?


Keep Brushing 🌳