Hey I am Morgane, the other co-founder at NOICE natural toothpaste.

Morgane Soret @ 2022-02-23 10:39:20 +0000

Let me share more about my entrepreneurial journey in sustainability as Co-founder & CEO of NOICE. 


Two months ago I received a LinkedIn message from Devesh Tilokani, Podcast creator & host @ Climate Changepreneurs.


[I love how LinkedIN makes it easier to connect with impact & sustainability driven peers, from all around the world. And love the name Changepreneurs - some meaningful about our missions as entrepreneurs to be the impulsion for change, for a better future.]


Devesh invited me to his Podcast to share more about my entrepreneurial journey. I have to admit, I was scared by the exercise. I am a victim of the impostor syndrome, always thinking that what I am asked to share might not be interesting or relevant to anyone. Devesh made this podcast session so relax, like a regular, casual conversation between two persons passionated about the same subject: How to make our world a better place?


I am super honoured to share my journey as sustainability entrepreneur, Co-founder & CEO at NOICE, on this Episode 05 of Changepreneurs. Thank you Devesh again for the great exchange.


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At Climate Changepreneurs, we explore how entrepreneurship can play a vital role in the climate change space through talking to climate change-focused entrepreneurs about their journey, learning, failures, lessons, and much more.


Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur, a current entrepreneur, or are just generally interested in the role that entrepreneurship plays in climate change, this podcast is for you.


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Why NOICE? Why sustainability? Where to start to launch your sustainable start up?



"It’s only 1 plastic toothpaste tube..." said 8 billion people! On this episode, we chat with Morgane Soret who is the CEO & Co-Founder @ NOICEcare. NOICE develops effective, all-natural, sustainable oral care products that are good for your teeth & good for the planet, starting with zero-waste toothpaste delivered right to your doorstep.


As a sustainability-focused entrepreneur, Morgane actually first started her career in luxury brands before deciding to put her time and dedication into building NOICE. In this podcast, we chat about:


- how Morgane used her marketing and branding experience in the luxury brands space to help NOICE succeed. - how to take your skillset and use it in the climate change space. - why sustainable toothpaste is important in the first place and the carbon emissions that the entire toothpaste consumption cycle leads to. - productivity tips and how to stay motivated through the tough times as an entrepreneur. Here are the links to check out NOICE and the work that Morgane is up to:



Morgane's LinkedIn