From Brand Value… to Reality!

Morgane Soret @ 2022-02-23 15:14:26 +0000

As individuals we have values/convictions/principles, select your preferred term. It guides us in our choices, and elevates us to be the person we want to be. When building NOICE Care, we worked on determining key values to embody our mission and guide the NOICE brand, both internally and externally. 

Today at NOICE we have 5 key values that we refer to on a daily basis. It guides our strategies, content & communication. One of those 5 values is: ACCESSIBILITY. 

From setting values and expressing it in an internal brand book to actually bringing those values to life, there’s potential for gaps. Brand values are only meaningful if they translate into real & concrete actions. At least this is the way we see it at NOICE. 


Accessibility, what does it mean? 


NOICE’s definition | ACCESSIBLE TO ALL: Not Exclusive

Accessibility defined is the ability of being reached, approached, used, or understood.

We design oral care essentials that are easy to like (accessible in the experience), easy to use (accessible in design), easy to access (accessible in the purchase) & finally we are accessible in price.


How do we, at NOICE, translate Accessibility as a value in our daily actions?



When formulating NOICE natural charcoal toothpaste with dentists and oral care professionals we carefully selected each ingredient to bring you strong teeth protections. The eucalyptus & tea tree oils bring powerful antibacterial properties, the licorice root fights the bacterias responsible for cavities, and the charcoal removes stains on the teeth for gentle whitening action. On top of the complete oral care, we spent a lot of time and many samples to also craft NOICE toothpaste’s signature taste & texture so it is accessible. Blending the naturally efficient ingredients and making sure that it will taste not only good but also works GREAT! This is what we mean by Accessibility.


It’s always been our plan to give our brushers the chance to own part of NOICE, investing alongside investors. And we're so excited the day has finally arrived, bringing our key value of accessibility to life! We just opened a crowdfund where anyone can become a NOICE shareholder starting at only $10. It is live now and for the next 29 days you have the exclusive opportunity to become an impact investor and own a part of a sustainability driven company. This is what we mean by Accessibility. 


Finally, accessibility is also about being widely available and integrating NOICE natural charcoal toothpaste in the customer’s purchasing habits. Why? Because it is with more NOICE brushers that our positive impact will be even more significant. You can now order NOICE Natural charcoal toothpaste from Amazon both in the UK & in the US. Making sustainable brushing even easier. This is what we mean by Accessibility. 


We are so proud of how far NOICE has come since 2019. With a brilliant team across the UK & the US, we've achieved a lot in a short & complicated time but this is only the start of our journey. Our brand values keep on guiding us along the way to create a world, where having a positive impact is as easy as brushing our teeth 🌳