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Morgane Soret @ 2022-02-22 14:26:22 +0000

PRESS RELEASE — NOICE Care Commits to Offsetting Carbon Emissions and Progressing toward Climate Positive in 2021.

As a business NOICE Care partners with On The Planet to estimate the carbon footprint of our operations and with Handprint to compensate it. We plan to multiply our actions towards having a comprehensive positive impact on our planet, including planting trees to capture more emissions & beach cleaning to de-pollute our oceans.


April 22nd, New York - NOICE Care announces its plans to understand and compensate the carbon footprint of its business through collaborating with external partners. NOICE Care will work with On The Planet to estimate current carbon footprint, assess potential areas to reduce environmental impact internally, and to take meaningful actions to compensate our remaining footprint & more via Handprint. This decision is part of NOICE Care’s commitment to running a sustainable and climate positive business.

“What do we mean by Climate positive? At NOICE we believe that caring about the planet is not only about being “Carbon Neutral”. It is about promoting a regenerative activity throughout everything we do. With our dental gel we offer a natural & organic alternative to the 1.5 billions of toothpaste tubes that end up in the landfills yearly, fighting actively plastic pollution in our oceans.”

CEO & Co-founder

On The Planet has estimated NOICE Care’s carbon footprint in multiple categories, capturing the total impact of our business operations. NOICE Care’s total carbon footprint for 2020 was 13.736 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide equivalent. This value was separated into seven categories:

  • Sales and Marketing: 0.999 tCO2e

  • Transport and Travel: 5.513 tCO2e

  • Tools: 0.026 tCO2e

  • Hardware: 0 tCO2e

  • Office: 0.036 tCO2e

  • Human Resources: 3.959 tCO2e

  • Legal & Administration: 1.047 tCO2e

  • Product Manufacturing and Packaging: 2.156 tCO2e

NOICE Care has already committed to operating with as little environmental impact as possible, building a business strategy around zero-waste and eco-friendly products. The decision to work with On The Planet is a further step in becoming more aware about the environmental impact of the company. With guidance from On The Planet, NOICE Care will first work to reduce their footprint internally by increasing operational efficiencies in various business activities. From there, the remaining footprint can be compensated through promoting regenerative activities more directly. 

About NOICE Care

NOICE is on a mission to clean up the planet & all the teeth in it. NOICE creates & distributes organic oral care products with a zero-waste approach, starting with toothpaste. NOICE Dental Gel is available at 


About On The Planet

On The Planet is a company dedicated to helping small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) understand, reduce, and compensate their carbon footprint. On The Planet designed an algorithm based on footprint information from globally-recognized companies that makes carbon assessments easy and accessible to SMBs by using their financial information. More information about On The Planet’s mission can be found at


About Handprint

Handprint is sustainability, simplified.

Handprint is on a mission to enable millions of businesses to go green by regenerating ecosystems while selling their products. Their technology enables the highest level of transparency in the cashflow (how money is used) and impact quantification (what are the benefits of your contribution to the planet, in carbon absorption, support to biodiversity, social impact), all evidence-based and SDG-aligned impact metrics.


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